the Moot Team

Justine McKeown

Moot Chair

"I’m excited to see the final product of all our hard work!"

Glenn Maddock

Moot Advisor

Narelle Ball

Vice Moot Chair

"I am excited to see all of the hard work come together and for everyone to explore the beautiful wonders of Tasmania!"

Phoebe Shires

Admin Director

"I’m looking forward to giving Rovers the opportunity to enjoy Tasmania."

Lucas Bryan

Logistics Director

"Excited to work with an amazing team, to pull together another national event in Tasmania."

Stuart Morse

Finance Director

"Looking forward to a large scouting event in Tasmania once again!"

Brad Thompson

Activities Co-Director/Offsite Activities Manager

"I'm really excited to see everybody getting together again, and showcasing what little old Tassie has to offer."

Sherie Ball

Activities Co-Director/Expeditions Manager

"I’m looking forward to sharing the hidden gems of Tassie."

Sarah Whitfort

Marketing and Communications Manager

"I’m looking forward to everyone from all over Australia coming together again!"

Luke Brydon

Infrastructure Manager

“I cant wait for everyone to gather again at a national event right at my home in Tasmania!”

Gabrielle Dewsbury

Onsite Activities Manager

"I’m looking forward to sharing our amazing state with Rovers from far and wide."

Owen Holloway

IT Manager

"I'm looking forward to seeing the Moot site active and having Rovers from all over the country seeing the state."

Want to get in touch? Contact us at

During the event there will be also be a phone number manned by multiple staff for anyone that needs to get in contact with us urgently.

Moot Emergency Line - 0491 893 467