Packing Guide

Please note that this is just a general packing guide - if your contingent has created a pack list, please refer to that.

  • Sleeping Gear - Fulton Park can get cold, even in summer, so be sure to pack reasonably warm bedding.

  • Tent - you can share if you have a buddy! If you do need to hire one, contact us asap!

  • Clothes - please don't forget these... and pack warm! Laundry services are available onsite.

  • Raincoat - not an umbrella (it's too windy for that)

  • Sun protection - the Tassie sun doesn't mess around - our UV index is almost permanently High to Very High. SPF 50+

  • Personal Items - (secure storage for medications that require refrigeration is available, just check them in at Admin)

  • Photo ID - you will need photo ID to check in to camp, so be sure to have it somewhere accessible.

  • Scouting Uniform - while you'll get a camp scarf, you'll need to BYO woggle.

  • Power Pack for your devices - charging spots will be limited onsite, so bring enough power with you!

  • Torch - Fulton Park is a large site with lots of unlit paths, so be sure to pack your torch.

  • Expedition specific gear - be sure to get in contact with your expedition if you haven't yet! You can find the Facebook Group/Page links on the Expeditions page.

  • Space - for all those souvenirs and merch you'll get!

You won't need to pack your mess kit - you get one with your moot pack, complete with a stein, plate, bowl, and cutlery, all in a drawstring bag!

And if you forget anything, or something breaks, The General Store will have you covered!