Pricing + Costs


The Moot Fee will consist of 3 main parts:

  • Base Fee ($750 for Participants and $600 for Service Team)

  • Expedition Fee (will depend on what expedition the participant chooses)

  • Offsite Activities Fee (will depend on what activities the participant chooses, and may involve costs on the day for food/drink/shopping)

National Moots are an amazing experience, and we don't want anyone to miss out due to cost! There are many options available for funding help, see our section below on Moot Buddies or talk to your contingent leader!

What your fee pays for

Deposit and Payment Deadlines

Following the below payment schedule will ensure that you as a participant/Service Team member, will have priority access to the expeditions and activities you want. If you have any issues with making these payment deadlines, please discuss this with your contingent leader.

The first two payments for expeditions will be 1/2 of the minimum cost of the expedition, leaving a third and final payment (eg. an expedition is expected to be $300-$500, and the final fee is $480, meaning the first two payments will be $150 each and then a final payment of $180 to cover what's left).

Expedition Fees have now been finalised, and all participants have received an email about the final payments (which are now due). If you have any concerns about your payments, or are having issues making a payment in the registration system, please contact us.

A full refund will be provided if you withdraw your registration prior to the 30th of April. See below for further refund dates and details.

All applications close on November 1st 2022.

Refund Policy

In the event that you can no longer attend moot and need to withdraw, below is an outline of our refund policy.

As with all refunds, the final say falls with the Moot Chief and Finance Manager. Depending on when you withdraw your registration, different amounts of the moot fee will be non-refundable. This refund policy only covers the Base Fee and the Expedition Fee - any contingent fee refunds would need to be organised with your branch.

  • 1 January - 30 April full refund

  • 1 May - 31 July $150 of Base fee nonrefundable

  • 1 August - 30 September $400 of Base fee nonrefundable

  • 1 October - 31 October $600 of Base fee nonrefundable

From the 1st November onwards any refund is at the discretion of the moot team on a case-by-case basis. Any bank fees are non-refundable.

Expedition fees are fully refundable until 30 September. After this date any expedition refund is at the discretion of the moot team on a case-by-case basis.

You can change your preference of offsite activity up until close of registrations (November 1st), and can be refunded any difference. Any changes after November 1st will be done on a case by case basis, and refunds may not be available. Be sure to check the Offsite Activities page for details.

If you need to withdraw from AIM for whatever reason, send an email to our Admin team and they can help you with the process, including refunds.

Other Costs

While the Moot Fee for Apple Isle Moot will cover your time with us, there will be two main costs to getting here - Travel and your Contingent Fee.

The cost of getting to Tasmania varies greatly depending on where in the country you are travelling from. If you are up for the road trip, the Spirit of Tasmania is a great option that allows you to bring your car, opening up a variety of travel opportunities if you wish to hang around in Tassie after the Moot. Flights are also available from most capital cities (both direct and indirect) and keeping an eye out for sales and turning on sale alerts can be your best friend when trying to save some money.

Contingent fees are up to each individual contingent and will include things like insurance and merch. Please contact your contingent leader if you have any questions regarding the contingent fee.

Moot Buddies

Moot Buddies is a financial assistance program, run by the National Rover Council to provide help to Rover Scouts who under other circumstances would not be able to attend a National Rover Scout Moot due to financial restrictions.

Applications for Moot Buddies are now open! Visit the NRC website to see if you're eligible, and for more details on how to apply.