Thank you for coming to Apple Isle Moot!

We hope everyone had an amazing time at #AIM2023 and that the post-moot blues don't hit too hard.

But the business ain't done yet - check out the post-moot info page for details on things like lost property, refunds, photos and more.

We also now have a Photo Gallery full of loads of happy snaps from the big week!

Welcome to Apple Isle Moot (or AIM), the National Rover Moot of 2022/2023. Rovers from all over Australia will converge on picturesque Tasmania, from December 31st 2022 to January 8th 2023, to discover all that the state has to offer.

Tasmania may be the smallest Australian state (or 3rd smallest if you include the territories), but there definitely isn’t a shortage of things to do! From the vast wilderness of our national parks to the bustling markets in our cities and towns. From our arts, culture and music scenes, to our wild rivers and the ocean, there is something for everyone in Tassie. There will be plenty to do and activities to suit everybody's interest, ability, and budget.

Come visit the Apple Isle for the adventure of a lifetime!

Want to know more about Scouting and what a Moot is? Check out the Scouting, Rovers, and Our Event page for more information.